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Cheaters. Is lies so awful?

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  Why do our mothers always teach us to tell the truth, only the truth and they forget that all of us live in the atmosphere of lies and distrust whether we want it or not. Sometimes even in the most ridiculous situations lies helps even though to tell the truth would be more honest and reasonable. Letís recall very common example that is still popular: the husband returns from business tripÖ Do you remember the rest?

Sometimes lies is so diverse, and you can confuse a person so much that he blindly starts believing that impossible can come true.

Dear women, try to recall how naive and credulous we can be, how much we can trust our man who returns home after seeing another woman again, and declaims how busy he was, is outraged by the fact that his project was declined.

Clever women prefer to pretend that they sincerely believe that a man is a polygamous creature, he will be unfaithful anyway, so itís better to seem a fool and give him another opportunity to be proud of himself thinking how he managed to wind his wife round his little finger. And a silly woman will make a row rising his mistress in his estimation (the latter doesnít make rows, throwing herself on him), she will abase herself again, turning into a quarrelsome woman.

In such a situation I would advise to stick to a golden mean: you shouldnít play a forgiving great martyr (constant guilt can lead to mental disorder), but to keep silence, cherishing your indifference done for show is also not advisable. Itís better to use the tactics of transparent hints, that will keep him in the state of constant emotional tension.

There is also such a thing as white lie. But itís hardly right and rational. The most vivid example of it is doctorís lies. What is more humane: to tell a person about his mortal disease and forthcoming death or to leave some hope for a happy ending in his heart. But Iím not going to impose my opinion, itís up to you to decide.

They also say that more often people lie after hunting and fishing, at war time and, of course, before election. Itís said that there are such people for whom itís a kind of a disease. They canít help lying. Lies help them and the people who surround them to take the edge off everyday life.

A man meeting a woman will certainly make up some story (especially if he is sure that he sees this woman for the first and last time) then be careful not to faint at the honor to meet such an exceptional person Ė you definitely have met a millionaire and maybe even a billionaire whoís got dozens of cool cars and penthouses in all parts of the world!)

Men lie to charm us. What for do women lie? (Itís useless to ask them why, they wonít tell the truth anyway, so my answer for this question will be based on my guesses.) They lie mercilessly to conceal the truth. Itís evident.

Not a single woman will sincerely answer even her best friendís question, how much does she weight (itís the most thorny subject), how old is she, (starting from 25, they subtract one, two or three digits), where did she find a new boy-friend (we donít share such secrets!), how much do her new shoes cost (she will always raise the price to make her friend envious and to disincline her), whether her husband is unfaithful (to admit it means to strike a devastating blow on her sexuality), how many men did she have(here some women raise the number, others understate, but nobody will tell the truth) and why is she constantly lying (ďDonít talk like this, I always tell you the truthĒ!)!?

As for lies addressed to men, for women it has become a kind of sport: the more tense is the game on the field and closer is the moment of exposure, the more exciting turn the game takes.

The most important thing is to take the prize and not to get confused what is true and what is false: a liar should have a very good memory. A piquant situation comes to my mind, in which a husband became tangled in lies:

Night time. A wife tired after a working day is lying in her bed, she doesnít wait for her husband already to be in time. But he suddenly appears and without asking for supper he throws himself on his spellbound wife with incredible energy of a Spanish macho Ö After an hour of wild sex a husband suddenly sits up in bed and says: ďWell, I have to go homeĒ. What a blunder indeed.

I have said so much and have invented so many things. But as they say a good story mustnít be true. You canít give only one answer: to lie or not to lie: the situation will show. But you should remember that even insignificant lie can cause irreversible consequences. Every person should feel good no matter whether you tell truth or lies.

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Cheaters. Is lies so awful?
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