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How to Seduce a man - Secrets tips and Tricks

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  A woman always wishes a man to be fascinated by her beautiful soul, sharp mind or professional qualities. But, alas, a man meeting a woman listens only to his libido. There is nothing to be done Ė they are created like this! Among indisputable truth remember one thing: the more you differ from a man in appearance, the sooner he'll get interested in you.

Letís start from the simplest thing. Men like when men wear dresses. Business women can wear a costume. The one with exciting decollete and a skirt a bit over knees. Donít overdo with uncovering extremities ! Remember that the stronger sex is very wary about sexual provocations, so if you want to display the advantages of your body, concentrate on one thing. A bit lower than a skirt is another very provocative part of clothing-tights. The more gauzy they are, the better. Going down, we come across another erotic detail Ėshoes.

A toe, sharp as a dagger and a heel, thin as a stiletto pierces a manís heart. Men also like half bare feet. Toes should be seen.

As for womenís dressings, men donít like trousers. They got used to our wearing trousers and jeans, but even being extremely skin-tight , they canít arouse menís libido. Men canít bear formless sweaters with long sleeves. They take a girl wearing it as a homeboy. Besides, the stronger sex turns up the nose at earth shoes.

We have found out what annoys men, letís pass on another subject- what thrills them. Long blond curls Ėthatís the limit of their libido. Gentlemen prefer blondes. This common truth disappoints three quarters of females. As for length, almost all without exception are strongly attracted to long-haired nymphs.

Lipstick is Alpha and Omega of your sex-appeal For example, blood-red mouth is quite vulgar, but very attractive for men, but only on the first date. Later it disappoints them, as a man wonít pluck up the courage to kiss a woman wearing lipstick of such a bright colour. Men keep the track of the events, they know that such lipsticks eat into the skin so deeply that itís difficult to get rid of it later even wit the help of soap. Men also like drier, not greasy lipstick. Warm tints are more preferable than cold ones and purple-black colour causes depression.

Anyway, you should be careful with war paint. Not all fashionable trends are understood adequately .

Not only appearance provokes menís imagination. But also the way you walk, talk, and look. The latter is the essence of seducing men. Watch yourself. How do you react on a manís sudden glance? Most probably, you take off your eyes, bury your head in the book, start watching your toesÖThatís not right. You should look intently into the eyes of your quarry, then take off your eyes immediately, and again you should cast your timid and piercing glance on him.

A woman often smiling is considered among men outgoing and lively. But a smile can also be inviting. Itís like Mona Lisaís smile.

Itís noticed that men donít like women with high-pitched voice. Low speech adds intimacy to communication. Among other things, sexual women sit closer to a man than not sexual. And they take a free posture.

Having taken the course of seduction a woman can stumble over a mere trifle. This trifle is a conversation. The stronger sex is primarily sure that it will win in the discussion with a woman. Donít take away this nai"ve confidence from him. Donít argue with an object of your longing. The best thing you can do is to develop his thoughts. To ask leading questions and regularly exclaim: ďCrikey! how is that?Ē Women who listen attentively are considered to be clever. ďCleverĒ women are attractive for the majority of men.

Men are credulous like children. As experience shows, even the most serious, talented and solvent bite at simple baits. Later they will probably pay attention to your beautiful soul.

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How to Seduce a man - Secrets tips and Tricks
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