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I treated her like a queen - she does not know whether she loves me?

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08/08/2006 Anonymous
Wow...U really R N love with this chick huh???... well what can I say... talk 2 her tell her UR true feelings about her...UR 1 true loyal man 2 her if U can't even talk 2 other girls...(we need more guys like U N this world)...I'm sorry, but this girl is dumb 4 not being with U...U do so much 4 her and what does she do 2 pay U back???...she goes off with another guy who treats her like shit!!!!!!!!!!! Thats messed up!!!!!!!! Like I said talk 2 her, tell her how U feel about her if she still does not accept U...then just staying friends with her is just going 2 hurt U even more (give it some time..hopefully things will look up 4 U)!!!
08/08/2006 JohnH
i'm just afraid she might be using me as an option...thats the most scary part of this, but i know shes better than that but that thought just creeps into my mind sometimes. I've been through so much pain, sadness and anger, i've never even felt this way about anyone. I've been through some pretty bad relationships and pretty much never thought about it again the day after it was over. But now I have this totally new feeling to me that I've never had and it's been going on now for the past month or so. It hurts every single day, every single minute. I can't even eat, sleep, drive, go shopping, watch a movie, talk to other girls or whatever without thinking about her. She's on my mind 24/7. And I don't wanna play games with her to see if she'll come back. You know like don't call her for a couple days or whatever and see what happens but maybe I just have to, some of my friends suggests it...geez I can barely handle a day without at least saying hi...And I'm also afraid to be too nice to her too, because it might just scare her. So now she says she wants to hang out this weekend, and I'm afraid I might slip and start talking too serious with her and we can't have any fun at all, I don't wanna bring the mood down, u know? what do you think??
08/08/2006 your name
AWWWWWWW....Well first of all let me tell U that UR reeelly sweet 4 doing all those kind things 4 her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... She obviosly did not appreciate all the things U did 4's like they say... U start 2 appreciate things when there gone!!!!!!!!... and that is what she is realizing now...2 bad she realized it 2 late...If U really love this gurl...stick with her through thick and thin and if she really loves U or ever did then she'll come back 2 U
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