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I treated her like a queen - she does not know whether she loves me?

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Well basically, my girlfriend and i were together for only a short time, a little over 2 months but in the span of that 2 months i treated her like a queen, took her out, bought her stuff and did things that nobody has ever done for her and did things i never did for anyone else and then she told me that she loved me and i told her i felt the same but was scared to let her know too soon but then suddenly 2 weeks later out of nowhere she decides that she's confused and didn't know what love was, and then the day after she said she wanted to date other people...obviously their was someone else lined up... so now i am heart-broken but i still love her...we didnt talk for a couple days cause i told her i needed time to think, we started talking again and decided to stay good she started talking to this other guy, and of course i'm jealous as #### and he treats her like crap and he's into drugs and crap...i can't stand it that this guy is doing this to her, and she tells me now that she misses me and i'm so much better and she wants to be with me eventually but it just wouldn't work at this point in her life...i think about her all the time, i mean day and night, shes always on my mind, i really miss holding her and looking into her eyes...geez i've even stuck by her through this other guy...what should i do? am i fooling myself? am i crazy and delusional? i don't think i'm ever gonna forget about please

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08/08/2006Lonely Girls
You're going to have to do what you think is best in this situation. We can offer advice, but that is all that it is. We don't have to walk a mile in your shoes. You are the one that really knows the situation. I do think the girl needs to get away from the guy she is currently seeing. If nothing else, you could be with her as a friend and try to help her through what she is going through now. She is going to need a friend to help her as she tries to get out of the relationship she is currently in. If she wants out of her current relationship, then you could talk to her and try to help. If she doesn't want out of it, then she will have to learn the lesson the hard way that this guy is no good for her. I know you have strong feelings for her, but be careful. I would even suggest that, if she gets out of the relationship with the other guy and you get involved with her, that you try to give her some space and allow yourself some space as well and let the relationship grow slowly. You don't want a rebound relationship with this girl after she gets out of one bad relationship. It sounds like you want a serious one with her.
08/08/2006Still Looking For U
I honestly think that you should try moving on. I am sorry, but you sound like too nice of a guy. And being a girl I know that it is really easy to pass up those kind of guys. I know it is stupid, but it seems like he is more of a bad boy, and if that is what she is into right now than she is not going to realize that she has someone that can treat her like a princess until she has nothing to focus on except what she lost. Have you ever heard the phrase: "you dont realize what you got till it's gone"...let her get familiar with that, in the end...I dont think it will be long till she comes crawling the mean time, dont get walked on.
08/08/2006Love Heart
Help her out as much as possible, and eventually she will come around and see you are the one for her. Tell her you are worried, and she just might want to talk for a long time so be ready for mood swings in the conversation. Tell her he is not worth her time, and that she needs to get out of that situation, and find someone better. She needs to know you are there for her through thick and thin even though she isn't with you. P.S. You are so sweet, and if I were her I would dump him on the spot and get back with you.
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