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I am 17 female and i need some love advice

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Ok here's what's going on.....first off my name is Jessica and the guy i'm talking about it Trey...

It started about 2 weeks ago when i first met him and some friend (my best friend and his best friend who are a couple) well i was single and so was he....

We hooked up and he became obsessed with me, it scared me!well i broke it off with him and he cryed (oh-well) then i decided to give him another chance, well same thing happend!

A couple days later he was in my area and stoped by, well i was on my way out and was really mean to him...

When i got home i kept wishing he'd come back so we could talk! well he never showed up and every time i have time to think it's of him and how much i suddenly like him alot.... i know that when i get with him (again) the same thing will happen and i don't wanna hurt him!

What should i do??? please help!


27/08/2006 Anonymous
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Jessica, do you want to date older man, like 24 years old who will not do it to you?
09/08/2006 ebooks romance

How do you mean he became obsessed with you?

nice girl

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