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new neighbor i have taken a liking too , in need of advice!

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Ok so I have a guy question. I'll do my best to describe what's going on without boring too much!! Oh and i'm not sure if this is necessary but im 21 and hes 25.My dad is a homebuilder and he has 2 houses (the one i'm in with my parents right now) and another that is right down the street, same neighborhood and everything. My dad met this guy who bought the house. That guy is renting a room to a friend of his, scott. Since I saw him for the first time I have been in awe with him. I like his personality and just his point of view on things. We were all in invited to his graduation (college) party last saturday and got to know the drunken side of him. The thing is that I fell for him more and more that night. When we left (we being my parents and i) he looked straight at me he was like you don't have to go with them stay awhile. Thing was I was pretty tired and had a few drinks and was about ready for bed and he was all wired up so I went with my parents. Since then he has been over here once for dinner and then we had a garage sale yesterday so I saw him a few times yesterday. I haven't really had much time to talk to him one on one because he is usually talking to my dad or I am with atleast one of my parents whenever I see him. I try going out of my way to talk to him but it never seems to work out bc my dad is usually there. I really like this gu. I am always looking out my window just to see if his car is there. I get all giddy wheever he comes over and am exptremely happy after seeing him. My problem is I don't know if he likes me. I can't really read guys too well so i'm not sure exactly how to go about this. He has one of those crotch cruncher motorbikes (motorcycle type but more sporty if oyu know what I mean). I was thinking of asking him to take me on a ride on it sometime but i'm not sure if he would get the hint that I wanted to be close to him like that. Most guys i'm sure would think of it as "just a ride" and not take it into detail like us girls do!!! I'm a pretty shy girl until I really feel comfortable to talk fluently with someone. I'm not the best conversation starter but if need be I can usually ask questions if there is a huge silence gap. Being forward though is definitely a wekness of mine atleast until I get to know someone well. I really want to see if I have a chance with him. He seems to me to be one of the best guys yeat. Can anyone out there help me????????
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