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Dating in a Pub ?

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Perhaps, you hear people say from time to time that one never meet his(her) ideal match in a pub or a snack-bar. Is it myth or?...

Im my opinion, it's all vice versa. Most people do get aquainted in snack-bars, especially when their behaviour doesn't give them away as: Look, I want to meet here someone. I must say that self-confident people without complexes are more attractive than anxious and nervous people - no matter where you meet them. Though there is some stereotype in society: it's men only who get aquainted in pubs and so on.. if a woman takes the initiative, people cast a side-long look at her thinking she's vulgar.. Emancipation nowadays has gone too far: many sick-and-tired-to-be-alone women are ready to do their utmost to get aquiainted with a man (it's a fact!)

I'd like to open this topic for discussion. I think it'd be interestion for many people to discuss, share their experience or just give advice...

Communicate your ideas.

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