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When to say I love you

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This is my first time doing this type of thing, but I am a little confused. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now and everything is going very good. We spend a lot of time together and I really enjoy our time together. I find myself giving him lots of compliments and I feel that I am putting myself out there more than him. He doesn't say thing really.... he will do things for me so I know he cares. I know that he enjoys being with me as well. There is no question there. I am just getting frusterated because I am waiting for him to say the words......"I love you". Sometimes I am just dying to say them, you know in a moment and I just want to get it out. However, I kind of feel that this is something he should say first. I hate playing games & I want to say it. I really do love him. However, I don't know if I put my self out there too much he will loose interest....I know another game. We have both been divorced for 3 - 4 years and not really into playing the games. I don't know.....somehow it seems like I am by not saying how I feel. I am confused. This is his first serious relationship since the divorce so I don't know if he wants to take the really slow route.
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08/08/2006 Anonymous
WOW.....that came back to nip me in the butt. SWEAR ON EVERYTHING....on FRI. the 16th, My boyfriend and I were each going on a little vacation for the weekend (him with his friends and me with mine). WELL, he text messaged me "miss you....blah blah ya''. That was his first time saying it...or writing it, and I didnt know how to respond. So I said "miss you too....blah blah blah", and than he tried again last night when he wrote, "sorry I didn't get to see you. love ya", and I said...''it is okay". I dont know. We have only been together for three months. 3 things....1. I sort of wanted to tell him back, but I thought it was a little childish. I felt like after three months...saying I love you defeats the whole purpose B/C the longer we stay together....the more we will feel for eachother, why not save it for then??2. We are getting along great and can't seem to want to ever be apart, (going to work is a dread, b/c we will be apart) so it made sense that he felt that way, and I was a little excited and scared. But I havn't said I love you to my boyfriends, except my boyfriend of two years....two years ago, and I am scared of it. Even then it was said like twice. 3. If he really feels that way, he should have told me (for the first time) and made it special....not text messaged me. I know I am contradicting the advice that I gave, BUT the role was switched.DO YOU THINK 3 MONTHS IS TOO EARLY?? OR IS THERE A TIME LIMIT?AND WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT TIME HE SAYS THAT...I DONT WANT HIM TO FEEL REJECTED....I MEAN I LIKE HIM ALOT AND I FEEL LIKE I MAY LOVE HIM, BUT I KNOW THAT IT WILL GROW STRONGER.....SHOULD I WAIT???
08/08/2006 Past Love

Hmmmm.... I Love You... three powerful little words that mean so much.I too am in a relationship with a man and wanted to hear those words... words that to me, would mean so much. When it comes to sayin the words "I love you" does it really matter who says them first??? Your waiting for him to say them first and I can understand that... the safe approach. Why??? Don't wanna get hurt... rejected... push away... etc., right??? And sure, maybe he's waiting for you to say those three little words... but in the end, does that really matter??? I've always believed in life that a person should never let what they feel go unknown. Unspoken words...... things that should have been...Don't let your fear of rejection stand in the way of how you feel... if he doesn't feel that same towards you don't you really wanna know??? There's only one thing that hurts more than being in love.... Being in love with someone who doesn't love you in return...What's worse? Saying how you feel and knowing the outcome??? Or not saying how you feel and not knowing the outcome?Love as if your not afraid of being alone.....

Tell him how you feel.

08/08/2006 Anonymous
had this a little note when you guys havnt or wont see eachother for a vacation- enclosing, put Love ya....its casual. That way it is not that big of a deal , and if it is then he will talk to you about it. ya and you ....remember.
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