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My holiday blues

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Instead of getting with her, we didn’t really speak that often, when we did speak it was like old times but it turned into an effort to speak to her, as it was always me who had to start the conversation. She pretty much avoided me, which was very annoying.

One night she said, she could drink more than me, so we had bet who could drink the most. In the end it wasn't so much a bet but a challenge, which I won.

Anyway, I drank a bottle of vodka, although I was drunk I wasn't too bad for it, like I wasn't falling all over the place, or being sick everywhere, and even I had a conversation about the War on Iraq for some unknown reason.

Anyway, why I’m telling you all this is, I for some unknown reason was saying the girl whom I like was fool of herself, and one of my most non-sensical statements ever: 'you can tell she's full of herself by the way she walks'.

Well, anyway, she decided not to go out that night (she was unaware of what I said at this point), I was saying all this stuff to my friend and her best friend (Sophie), as a result Sophie went back to see Keira, which resulted in them having a massive fight about me, ending in them both saying they would never talk to each other again. However, thankfully, they made up the next day.

I didn’t remember saying these things, and everything was rather awkward between Keira and Sophie for the rest of the next day. When I did find out, I wanted to speak to Keira alone, and while I was waiting for the ‘right’ moment in my eyes, Keira pulled me aside, and we had an argument about what I had said about her, as she was very hurt about what I had said, which is very understandable. After the one of the world’s worst apologies we all went out as it was there last night.

My best friend and Sophie hatched a plan to get Keira and myself talking like we used to do. Anyway, their plan proved successful. I apologised properly this time, we shook hands as a symbol of friendship being reinstated and she hugged me, I think she was just glad that we were friends again.

After that we had a good open conversation, discussing things, one being why she ‘ignored’ me, she stated that she was not ignoring me and that she had tried to speak more, however, her opportunities were limited and that we were unable have the alone time that we had together in the past. I take her word for it, and I can understand and agree with some of the things she was saying but also I still feel there is an underlying reason for her lack of speaking.

She is coming over to Scotland next week to see her sister, and is staying for a night at my house for a night, to see my friends that she knows and me.

I still think things are still awkward between her and me even though we have made up, but I’m looking forward to seeing her and I’ll just wait and see what happens.

Thanks for reading, and any comments would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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