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Rocky Relationships

08/08/2006 Hits: 453
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I really need a lot of support & help so I'm welcoming all the feedback I can get. I'm 18 and have been dating this guy for 10 months now. Thing is, for the past 2 months, we've been having the rockiest time EVER. We have the silliest arguements every 2-3 days and it's crazy. Filled with shouting and crying. We have tried to break up with each another a couple of times but we believe that what we have between us is special and have always avoided actually breaking things off. I sometimes don't feel like he's telling me the truth when it comes to the way he feels about me:: he tends to say he's not IN love with me or he doesn't want to be with me when he's mad. I get really confused because at other times, everything will be seemingly fine [!!!] He remains that he loves me but sometimes the disagreements get a little too much for him to take..

They do for me too, but I really, really love this guy &&& and I can't imagine wanting to spend my life with anyone but him. It sounds corny, but this is what love is about, no? I welcome anything at all... questions, negative/positive feedback, advice, or even personal stories just for encouragement. I really feel like I'm in this alone. And I don't wanna end things between us.

PS. Is it normal for guys to still think about being with other girls when they're in a relationship? #33;!!

09/08/2006 Dating Reviews

Hon, if he's acting like that after dating only 10 months, can you imagine what the rest of your life will be like with this guy? It seems you're in love with the idea of being in love,or perhaps you just don't like the idea of not being part of a "couple". Trust me, it's much better to be alone than to always argue, fuss and fight.

Think of it this way,if he says he wants to break up with you...give him his way. He'll probly start saying he was kidding. If he keeps up argueing, put his arse in the road. While you're hanging around with him, the true love of your life could be passing you by.

Good Luck Sweetie!!!

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