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Relationship troubles relief, a different perspective

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09/08/2006 Anonymous

Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"Right? Well, Like the rest said. You are probably hurting now. I cant be a hypocrit, I was just saying that for the last six months. Honestly honey, you get through it. The days pass on until finally you think about it when you are reminded of it. I understand, and agree that every relationship ends. But if I may, I would like you to answer this question...for yourself.

"If we are born and we know we will die...does that mean we shouldnt live?"-It is the same thing. We hate life's occurences (pain, suffering, stress, love, hate, making money, etc.)...but we also love the other parts (fun, love, children, good food, spending money, etc.)...should we all just say screw it??

Honey...You take the good with the bad, and there should be someone there to help and that is why we all come here. You may see it as pain that could have been prevented...but what isn't?

09/08/2006 married online

I'm sorry that you are hurting. And if you are really young, then I'm even more sorry. Please don't just give up on love because of what some people have done to you in the past.

If you avoid relationships altogether, then sure, you avoid the pain, but you ALSO don't get any of the love or fun or happiness that goes along with them.

If you just quit trying then that girl (or girls) who have done a number on you, they WIN, they CONTROL you. They have so fully turned you negative that you will miss out on the chance for anything good. You don't really want that to happen, now do you?

And another thing, if you are out there just having sex, and "going through the motions", but keeping your emotions out of it; then you are perpetuating exactly the behavior that you are so strongly against.

Why not get out there and give it a chance? All of your relationships are "learning experiences". Hopefully the ones that don't work out teach you some things about your future relationships to make those better.

09/08/2006 online dating personals

Ole buddy, I've got to disagree with you for the most part.

True, most relationships do end....but not all. Mine have........but I wouldn't have avoided being in any of them...well, maybe one....I feel that I've had a much richer life for having been in them.

Has it caused me pain? You betcha hope to tell ya it has. Has the pain made me a stronger person....I'd like to think so.Let's use your statistics...if 90% fail, that means that 10% will you know you won't be in that 10% if you don't try?

I'm guessing you just got out of a relationship where perhaps she ended it, and you were really hurt. Been there...just don't give up. Who knows what might happen if you keep going?

Good Luck

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