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Relationship troubles relief, a different perspective

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I know alot of people reading these forums have had alot of pain. And I have been through alot of pain myself. But I have the soloution to the problems faced when a relationship ends. Very few people will like it. ALL relationships end. That isn't me being a pesimist, it's me being a realest. To avoid the pain of a broken heart, do not get in a relationship in the first place. Because it will end. 90% of them will end with 2 people splitting up, and if you are lucky enough to be in the ten percent that last until the death of you or your partner, either you will be dead, or you will suffer the worst pain you could possibly imagine. Trust me, live life, have sex, have kids if you really think that is wise in an already overpopulated world, but don't fall in love, unless you happen to like pain.
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09/08/2006 speed dating
don't just give up on the whole aspect of love because of pain in the past.....cos wat u lose or lost in the past can be gained in future.....not all love hurts and mistakes can be learned from....If u r young u have the rest of ur life ahead of u and everyone experiences pain in their life....buts dats life,we can't jus give up we can make it better 4 ourselves in the of luck
09/08/2006 matchmaker
What happened to you? Why do you feel so negative about love? Love suppose to be a wonderful thing if you find the right person and we are out here but it's like finding a needle in a haystack you know what I mean? Love or what ever you might call it because to a certain degree I feel what your saying but I know there's person out there who will be perfect for me and I him. So keep in mind you are worth loving and there's someone you can trust....
09/08/2006 dating rules

I'm not sure who hurt you or why but here's alittle hint love is one of the worlds wonders and you should embrace it take it in with both arms spread wide open to catch it is the gaol not to throw it away and never look back go out and love . Love your mom love your pet #### Mike Love you!!! then go and find one of gods greatest accomplishments and embrace her love her be what you were put here for a good hearted person not a black hole in theworld as for the overpopulation over the world without the experience of birth you havent seen nothing yet..... I do understand that you are hurt so Everyone gets hurt GET OVER IT !!! your still breathing have fun!!


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