I treated her like a queen - she does not know whether she loves me? [ Pages:  1   2   ]
Well basically, my girlfriend and i were together for only a short time, a little over 2 months but in the span of that 2 months i treated her like a queen, took her out, bought her stuff and did things that nobody has ever done for her and did thing..
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 new neighbor i have taken a liking too , in need of advice! [ Pages:  1   2   ]
Ok so I have a guy question. Ill do my best to describe whats going on without boring too much!! Oh and im not sure if this is necessary but im 21 and hes 25.My dad is a homebuilder and he has 2 houses (the one im in with my parents right now) an..
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 Should I move out so that he'll believe me?? [ Pages:  1   2   ]
Should I move out? My Problem is this:When I was in primary school I fell in love with a boy called SkyeBut then when it came too high school, he got sent to a private all boys school far away and I got sent to the local comprehensive.I thought I..
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 Am I selfish???? [ Pages:  1   2   ]
Hi I have a problem.....which I was wondering whether I could ask your advice on.Can you possibly offer me any advice?I am nowyears old but i have got myself into the most horrible situation of which I can see no solution too.I feel sick with fear wh..
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 I am 17 female and i need some love advice [ Pages:  1   2   ]
Ok heres whats going on.....first off my name is Jessica and the guy im talking about it Trey... It started about 2 weeks ago when i first met him...me him and some friend (my best friend and his best friend who are a couple) well i was single an..
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love romance
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 Please Help!!! How could I have held onto Skye?? [ Pages:  1   2   ]
I am a teen. My problem is this: when I was in my last year of primary school I fell in love with a boy called Skye. He often tried to talk to me and people told me that he fancied me. However when it came to high school I got sent to the local compr..
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 Relationship troubles relief, a different perspective [ Pages:  1   2   ]
I know alot of people reading these forums have had alot of pain. And I have been through alot of pain myself. But I have the soloution to the problems faced when a relationship ends. Very few people will like it. ALL relationships end. That isnt..
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 Rocky Relationships [ Pages:  1   2   ]
I really need a lot of support & help so Im welcoming all the feedback I can get. Im 18 and have been dating this guy for 10 months now. Thing is, for the past 2 months, weve been having the rockiest time EVER. We have the silliest arguements ever..
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 Dating rules from the male side
Okay - This is too funny!!! Read on and enjoy!! The Guys Rules: At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally, the guys side of the story.(I must admit, its pretty good.) We always hear "the rules"from the female..
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speed dating tips
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 Dating in a Pub ?
Perhaps, you hear people say from time to time that one never meet his(her) ideal match in a pub or a snack-bar. Is it myth or?... Im my opinion, its all vice versa. Most people do get aquainted in snack-bars, especially when their behaviour doesn..
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dating hints
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 When to say I love you [ Pages:  1   2   ]
This is my first time doing this type of thing, but I am a little confused. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now and everything is going very good. We spend a lot of time together and I really enjoy our time together. I find myse..
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Love my boyfriend
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