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There are hundreds of dating and matchmaking websites on the Internet and many of them offer few features and very few members, but you don't know that...

...until after you've wasted your hard-earned money to join!

On Dating Website Reviews, you will learn:
Which dating websites offer free trials?
What dating websites have the most members?
Which dating websites target specific groups or religions?
How actual users rate each dating website.
and much more....
...and best of all, it's totally FREE!

Each dating website is rated by users and then automatically ranked from best to worst. You can also read the reviews others have written. Reviews let a person go more in depth by writing what they really liked and disliked about a particular dating website.

I wish you the best of luck in your online search for your soul mate! I hope that my website makes your search go a whole lot faster by helping you avoid the dating websites that are a waste of your time and money and choosing the best dating websites for you!

P.S. You can participate too! Please help others by adding your ratings and reviews about any dating websites you have experience with!

The Dating Website Reviews
(In order of ranking)
Website User Rating Avg # of Ratings Rate It Review It
Yahoo! Personals
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.9 182 Rate Review
UDate Personals
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.8 123 Rate Review
Adult Friend Finder
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.7 148 Rate Review
I Want U
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.5 135 Rate Review
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.3 125 Rate Review
American Singles
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.1 117 Rate Review
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.1 121 Rate Review
[Reviews]   [Website]
4.0 166 Rate Review
Passion Personals
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.7 144 Rate Review
Big Church
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.5 116 Rate Review
Filipino Friend
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.3 136 Rate Review
Sexy Ads
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.3 195 Rate Review
Out Personals
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 123 Rate Review
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 125 Rate Review
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 129 Rate Review
Senior Friend Finder
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 117 Rate Review
Absolute Agency
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 124 Rate Review
Anastasia Web
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.2 133 Rate Review Personals
[Reviews]   [Website]
3.1 118 Rate Review

The Reviews
(In alphabetical order)

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